Update as of June 2021. I have developed a module that can be used give a working Tachometer and a working coolant gauge. The cool part of this is that it is updatable on your end that any further breakthroughs in programming can be done without having to remove anything from your car. This fix also fixes ABS/VDC/TCS. No more Christmas tree of a cluster.

  • A working CEL Light is the next item to fix for diagnostic purposes.
  • AC is also on the list but no anticipated time to have completed.
  • Working cooling fans have proved to be not possible for us to wire in to be controlled by the ECU on my side. It is suggested you put them on a switch or thermoswitch.
  • Cruise control is currently untested. The VHR motor runs off of a different canbus database than the DE/HR. Because of this, the ECM cannot communicate with the rest of the car. It is completely possible for us to create a turn key, fully plug and play harness to use into a Z33/V35 chassis, but there are many features that are lost that could impact a street driven daily driver.

Lost features

  • Tachometer (speedo still works)
  • Coolant temp gauge
  • Check engine light
  • Automatic radiator fans
  • AC
  • Cruise control
  • Traction control (ABS still works)

The engine still functions perfectly in the chassis as a powertrain. We have some customers running an android dash unit while running ECUtek’s app that give a user a working tach, coolant temps, CEL, and much much more.

We are currently seeking a partnership to come up with a solution to translate the canbus signal for this to be a complete plug and play and completely functional.

Most of the same information applies to the VHR swaps as it does to the HR swaps when it comes to fitting them in.

What you need to send to us

  • Unmodified VHR engine harness
  • A section of the engine room harness, cut in 2 very specific places. See here.
    You do not need to send the left over modules (VVEL,IPDM, battery current sensor)
  • VHR ECM for a NATs delete flash and base tune.
  • “Third ECU Plug”

    • You can ship the entire dash harness if you don’t feel comfortable cutting
    • You can drop ship dash harness to us if you wish
    • Brand new dash Third ECU Plugs now available HERE

      It is highly recommended to speak with us before purchasing or sending us anything to make sure you know everything involved.

Side notes
Its much more important that the components come from the same donor as there are many variations or connectors, and o2 sensors in the VHR range

VHR motor mounts are taller than the HR/DE mounts you should run

It is recommended you run a smaller sized battery to fit the VVEL control module and extra wiring. A Honda battery fits great.