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STANDARD Competition Coilovers with custom, race-valved dampers, built to win using real motorsport damper valving.

STANDARD Competition Coilovers are meant for one thing… to win! They include all springs, mounts, height adjusters, and adjustment tools. Nothing additional to purchase!

All of our coilover levels utilize a significantly different balance and shape of compression and rebound damping curves than what street coilovers use. The STANDARD Competition Coilover uses digressive compression damping and linear rebound damping for maximum grip. We tune the compression damping to do more work in controlling the mass of the car (sprung weight), and this in turn reduces dive under braking, makes turn-in crisp, and significantly improves your ability to feel the car and hit your marks on course. Rebound damping is made linear (and relatively less than street coilovers) so that the tire stays in contact with the surface for better grip under braking, at turn-in, through the turn, and for the drive wheels at corner exit. The STANDARD Competition Coilovers are designed in every way to win races.

** You may chose any spring rate you want. (Contact us for recommendations. No upcharge on standard springs.)
** Upgrade to Swift springs for $320. (This upgrade is available above.)
** Top mounts are always coaxial spherical where possible. (Note: Some top mount designs do not allow this configuration.)

Warranty: All STANDARD Competition coilovers and products are for off-road use only and may never be installed on vehicles that will be driven on public roads or highways. All STANDARD Competition Coilovers are covered by a 2 year warranty that covers ALL parts on the coilover kit, including springs, spherical bearings, mounts, dampers,…everything! This warranty is only available to the original purchaser.

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Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .01 × .01 × .01 in

Standard Springs, Swiift Spring Upgrade (+$320), No Springs (-$35)


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