This relay/fuse box is used to swap a VQ (DE,HR, OR VHR) into any chassis, but most commonly S-Chassis. Its made using all new professionally crimped pins for the best quality possible.

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  • Includes NATs delete.
  • Harness is completely isolated from any factory wiring. It’s pretty universal and can work in any chassis.
  • Our VQ swap harness allows you use an unmodified VQ engine harness. The engine harness doesn’t even need to be shipped to me.

  • Splicing into s-chassis wiring doesn’t provide enough current to safely and reliably power a VQ engine. This eliminates that problem by supplying its own main power source and functions 100% as it does in a Z/G chassis.

  • Each circuit is individually relayed and/or fused the same as a Z/G chassis. This means you can track down and replace a blown fuse and be able to see which circuit was blown instead of them being bundled all on 1 fuse.

  • This swap harness conversation uses zero splicing, butt connectors, soldering. Almost every wire is instead fitted with brand new crimped connections using Genuine Delphi brand terminals and seals. Brand new pins are used for the Nissan side of the connectors from the OE suppliers. For added plugs for add-on options, genuine Deutsch connectors are used. Deutsch connectors are the standard in the motorsports world cause of they are known for their quality.

  • 100% functional OBD2 port that allows for GST readers, tuning, and any diagnostic tools applicable. -completely customizable to a users specification. Extra circuits and relays can be used for whatever you need. We work with you to get exactly what you need and expect.

  • Uses ATM fuses and Micro Relays. Both are common and cheap parts that can be found in any GM vehicle in the past 30 years.

  • Starter is required to be activated via toggle switch. We provide the spade terminal connections for hookup to activate the ground or hot signaled relay.

  • Fuel pump can be wired separately, though switch/relay in fuse box (output/signal leads provided, you finish wiring), or you can allow the VQ ECU to control. (Signal wire lead provided for your own relay/power to fuel pump)

  • Added circuits are also available including fans power or switched, fused, or relayed circuits

  • Everything plugs into existing plugs in the engine bay and under dash. No splicing or modifications required as long as provided the appropriate connector.

  • Requires a fused and relayed 70+amp main power wire to fuse box. You must purchase that separately through us.

  • Added circuits are also available depending on chassis including fans power or switched, fused, or relayed circuits

  • Swap does not allow for any gauges in a factory cluster to be functional without added aftermarket modules for speedo/tach. Fuel gauge remains functional.

Each swap requires you supply the F1, F2, F3, F102, that plugs into the engine harness, but is found on the chassis side of the donor car. They are specific to chassis AND engine. (Z and G don’t cross. DE, HR, VHR don’t cross). Cores possible for purchase depending on availability. G35/DE are more accessible than others. OBD2 plugs are also required but available for $10 replacements

Due to every harness being custom specific to each person, these are built to order with generally a 1 week build time depending on on-hand inventory.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 in
Donor Engine/Harness

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